4.5.1 Responsibilities of the Country Office in the rapid recruitment process for international staff

Identify staffing requirements

  • The Country Office senior management team must identify staff needs and formulate staffing structures appropriate to the scale of the emergency response operation.
  • To communicate needs to CI, follow Protocol D3 Emergency personnel mobilisation.

Annex 16.5a   &   Annex 16.5b        Sample staffing structures
Annex 16.6          CARE Emergency Response Team job summaries

Advise the Lead Member Human Resources Unit and CI Surge Capacity Coordinator of staffing needs as soon as possible

  • In type 2 emergencies, the Country Director (or delegate) or CO Human Resources Manager informs the CI Surge Capacity Coordinator and Lead Member Human Resources Unit of the number and types of positions anticipated.
  • The CO must advise of any special requirements or limitations that may apply-for example, language requirements, etc.
  • The CI Surge Capacity Coordinator will advise if there are any known internal candidates from the centralised pool of HR resources-for example, CEG team, CI-RED database-before the Lead Member activates a recruitment process.

Secure authorisation for recruitment

  • The CO Human Resources Manager (or delegate) must ensure an emergency personnel requisition form is completed for every vacant position and return a copy to the contracting member’s Human Resources team.
  • A copy must also be forwarded to the CO Finance Manager for budgeting purposes.

Annex 16.24        Emergency personnel requisition form/international staff

Provide terms of reference for each position

  • The CO Human Resources Manager, in consultation with the field line manager, must formulate terms of reference for every approved vacant position and supply these to the CI Surge Capacity Coordinator.
  • Please refer to Annex 16.25 CI_RED terms of reference/samples, which can be modified to suit the operating context.
  • Note that the preparation and circulation of a vacancies notice will be led by the Lead Member Human Resources Unit, and falls directly under the CO’s responsibility.

Annex 16.25        CI_RED terms of reference/samples

Screening and approval of applications

  • The Lead Member Human Resources Unit and CI Surge Capacity Coordinator will provide initial screening of applications/CVs to reduce the number of CVs that need to be reviewed by the CO.
  • The CO must confirm the final selection of candidates and any particular terms of the assignment before a contract is offered by the contracting member.

Provide all required information for pre-deployment preparations for incoming staff

Refer to section 5 Pre-deployment planning.