9. Submission of proposals

The Proposal Writer should manage and track the submission of all proposals.

The submission of proposals is subject to the review and approval policies of both the Lead Member and the supporting CARE International Member. Members have different approval requirements, so these should always be checked with the Lead Member and the submitting member before submission.

Proposals will usually be formally submitted by the CARE Member rather than the CO, except where there is no relevant CARE Member for a donor. However, in many cases, proposals will need to be submitted by the CARE Member to the donor headquarters and by the CO to the donor field representative at the same time. Country Offices should not submit proposals directly to a donor of a CARE Member country without checking with the CARE Member first. Where no relevant member for a donor exists, the CO should submit directly to the donor.

For contractual issues that should be considered at the proposal submission stage, see also the Chapter on Donor contract management.