8. Procurement, import and regulations

Procurement of telecommunications and IT equipment should be managed by the procurement unit consistent with other operational purchase requirements. The following special considerations should be taken into account for telecommunications equipment:

  • The Country Director should instruct the procurement unit to give telecommunications equipment the highest priority, because it is linked directly to staff safety and security requirements.
  • Wherever possible, equipment should be procured locally to save time and import concerns.
  • Before importing any telecommunications equipment, the office must be familiar with government regulations, including import regulations or restrictions, and customs duties affecting on satellite technology. Be aware that even if not prohibited, customs duties can be extremely high. In this case, it is often easier for personnel to hand-carry equipment into the country for personal use rather than to formally import equipment.
  • CARE USA can provide assistance to procure telecommunications equipment, as they have a standing agreement for the supply of satellite phones through a supplier, Danimex. Requests for this support should be directed to the CARE USA procurement department.