8.4 Importing checklist


  • Do you have a blanket duty-free clearance authorisation from the government?
  • Will the item being imported by the CO be subjected to customs duty, tax or other levies?
    • If yes, are there specific rates for specific items?
    • If yes, can a temporary waiver or special provisions be obtained for importing emergency relief items?
    • If duty and/or tax have to be paid, will the donor accept these charges? If not, can a waiver be obtained from the donor?
  • Do some of items (for example, satphones, HF/VHF radios) require specific importation approval from any department of the government? The items may be impounded or confiscated, or heavy penalties levied if this step is not cleared.
  • Does the CO have adequate expertise in the procedures related to clearance of imported goods? If not, arrange for a competent clearing and forwarding agent to handle this (refer to section 8.3).
  • Have you arranged for transportation from the point of entry to its final destination?

Is storage required? If yes, refer to Chapter 1 Logistics.