10.1 Procurement status report

Note: in PeopleSoft the procurement status report is system generated from the data stored in the system.

The procurement unit is required to produce and circulate a Procurement Status Report. The Procurement Status Report should be circulated to the Senior Management Team and emergency team. In particular, ensure that the Information Management Officer receives and files a copy.

The frequency of the report will depend on the situation and can be adjusted as the emergency progresses. During the initial phase of emergency, it is recommended that a daily report be prepared for review by the SMT and emergency personnel who request the purchasing.

The Procurement Status Report contains critical information about all current procurement orders to keep all team members informed of the supply pipeline status. This allows programme and logistics teams to plan programme activities based on the best knowledge of when relief supplies and equipment will be ready. If any delays are envisaged, it allows staff to make alternative arrangements and revise other plans-such as distribution dates-or to discuss with donors where applicable. A sample procurement status report is available at Annex 12.5.