6.4 Security and safety precautions for rented premises

When renting new premises, it is critical to review security and safety hazards. The following guidelines can help ensure that guidelines are met:

  • Locks-Replace existing locks for the main, rear and side doors. Make adequate duplicate keys as required. Prepare a key distribution list and have a master set stored in a secure place.
  • Fire extinguishers-Install both dry and wet fire extinguishers in easily visible and accessible places.
  • Security lighting-Install bright security lights at key vantage points (such as the driveway, parking area, entrance, rear door and side doors)
  • Emergency lighting-Procure an adequate number of emergency lamps, flash lights and candles, and store in easily accessible places.
  • First aid kits-Each office must have an easily accessible, well-stocked first aid kit.
  • Safe-Install in a secure place for storing cash and important documents.
  • Generator-Install a generator as soon as possible, according to need.
  • Fuel-Do not store fuel close to the premises.
  • Security guards-Recruit an adequate number of security guards for both day and night duty.
  • Smoke an carbon monoxide detector installed.

See also Safety and security.