The Rationale for Partnering and Localisation

External Commitments to Partnership and Localisation

Internal Policy Framework

Challenges, Risks, Lessons, and Good Practice

Phase 1: Planning Ahead

Phase 2: Before Disaster Strikes

Phase 3: When Disaster Strikes

Phase 4: Implementing in Partnership

Phase 5: Reflecting, Learning and Influencing

Hardwiring Gender in Humanitarian Partnerships

Gender in Brief

Rapid Gender Analysis (RGA)

Women Lead in Emergencies (WLIE)

Gender-Based Violence in Emergencies (GBViE)

Partnering with Women’s Rights Organisations (WROs)

Sector-Specific Partnering

Fit-for-partnering HR policy and practice, skills, and attributes

Ethical recruitment and localisation-sensitive surge

Safeguarding policy and other safety and security considerations