2. Critical steps in funds mobilisation management


  • Activate CARE International fundraising mechanisms within 24-48 hours of the emergency by sending the emergency alert and key fundraising tools to the Lead Member and CEG.
  • Establish fundraising targets (on the CCG) that are proportionate to the level of need, and which prioritise funding amounts by response phase and key sectors.
  • Issue an initial appeal and response strategy as soon as possible, followed by project concepts and proposals.
  • Develop a fundraising strategy that considers all possible options including institutional donors (bilateral, multilateral and UN) and private donors (institutions, appeals, etc.).
  • Clearly track the status of the funding pipeline to monitor progress against fundraising targets (CEG will support initially)
  • Activate CARE International’s ERF (emergency response fund) to initiate rapid assessment and response operations.  Agreement made on early CCG.
  • Maximise funding from CARE’s traditional institutional donors by establishing good relationships with the relevant CARE Member at headquarters level, being well informed about funding opportunities and processes, and maintaining good donor relationships at the field level.
  • Seek potential funding from new donors who may be active in the country that CARE does not already have a bilateral relationship with.
  • Participate actively in UN coordination mechanisms, in particular clusters, to establish partnerships with key UN implementing agencies and to access UN funding mechanisms.
  • Provide materials to CI for private fundraising-including dollar handles, pictures, human interest stories and proposals-as soon as possible.
  • Establish coordination with relevant fundraising networks in CARE International.
  • Maximise cost recovery by building all relevant costs into budgets and ensuring donors allow backdating to the start of the emergency.
  • Put in place effective donor contract management, and financial management and reporting systems, for all emergency funds secured.