14. Completion of assignment


  • Use the exit clearance form to ensure all departing staff completes all exit steps, including ensuring all equipment is returned, advances are acquitted, evaluations are completed, etc.
  • Ensure all departing staff complete an exit interview.

Once a staff member has completed their contract, there are a number of actions that must be finalised. Refer to Annex 21.45 Exit clearance form, which provides a checklist of the essential tasks that must be completed before the staff member’s departure from the CO.

An exit interview provides useful information to evaluate and improve management practices. The CO Human Resources Manager must arrange an exit interview between departing staff and an appropriate senior manager.

For national staff, the original questionnaire should be kept in the employee’s personnel file. It is useful to also file a copy in confidence with other completed questionnaires received, to allow for review of patterns emerging among departing staff members

On completion of a contract or notice of termination, the CO Human Resources Manager must forward an exit questionnaire to departing staff members from the CO. Please refer to Annex 21.46 Exit questionnaire. Once completed, the original questionnaire should be sent in confidence to the Deploying Member’s Human Resources Unit.