Applying the position

A conducive humanitarian space is essential to an effective, principled, and safe emergency response but is not a guarantee. To help secure the humanitarian space, CARE recommends:

  • Abiding by the Humanitarian Principles: CARE staff must abide by the humanitarian principles. Failing to do so may jeopardize operations and imperil the safety of staff and affected communities.
  • Considering Interactions with Armed Actors: CARE may interact, or choose not to interact with armed actors—including but not limited to national or subnational government militaries or law enforcement groups, organized armed gangs, international peacekeeping troops, non-state armed groups, and/or private military or security contractors—subject to its policy on Interactions with Armed Actors.
  • Advocating for the Humanitarian Space: The humanitarian space cannot be taken for granted and may need to be maintained, negotiated, or otherwise secured through high-level advocacy. Country offices and CARE Member Partners should ensure that appropriate expertise and capacity is allocated to advocacy, liaising with stakeholders, and negotiations where necessary.