Internal Policy Framework

CI Policies and Mandates that Guide CARE’s Approach to Humanitarian Partnership and Localisation

CARE’s Vision 2030 guides us for the next 10 years as we aim to influence change beyond the communities where we work directly. CARE will strengthen its support to civil society, social movements, representative organisations of excluded groups in line with our vision and mission to contribute to change through their collective actions, as leaders, allies, resource partners and amplifiers. We have a key role to play as a bridge-builder, connecting “new power” movements to “old power” in ways that influence, transform, and accelerate change. We adapt our internal systems to enable us to work with informal and formal actors as needed for optimal impact.

One of CI’s Program Principles is ‘Working with Partners’. We work with others to maximise the impact of programs, building alliances and partnerships with those who offer complementary approaches, are able to scale up effective solutions, and/or have responsibility to fulfil rights and reduce poverty through policy change and implementation. We commit to working in ways that support and reinforce, not replace, existing capacities.

CI’s Humanitarian Impact Area Strategy describes partnerships as critical for the agency to fulfill its humanitarian mandate. The strategy recognises that CARE is part of a larger humanitarian ecosystem requiring collaboration and partnering among a diverse set of actors to deliver effective and timely responses at scale.

CARE aspires to be part of a locally-led humanitarian system where local capacities are reinforced, not replaced. To achieve this, CARE is aiming for the following:

  • Strategic and equitable partnerships with local actors
  • Partnerships with WLO/WROs
  • Locally-led response complemented by surge as needed
  • Localised preparedness and resilience
  • Humanitarian partnership platforms
  • Local access to global spaces of influence
  • Meaningful mainstreaming of localisation

[GUIDANCE] Partnership in CARE (2021) – English

[GUIDANCE] Partnership in CARE (2021) – French

[GUIDANCE] Partnership in CARE (2021) – Spanish

[GUIDANCE] Partnership in CARE (2021) – Arabic

CARE Framework for Partnering in Humanitarian Action and Localising Aid

As an integral part of CI’s Vision 2030, CARE embraces “new power” and broadens partnerships in support of civil society. We see our partners as agents of change, particularly youth and social movement actors, feminist organisations, activists and aligned and progressive private sector actors. In particular, recognising the role feminist organisations have played in gender equality progress, we prioritise relationships with women’s rights organisations and identify opportunities to support their agenda. We invest in civil society strengthening and act as a leader, ally, amplifier, and resource partner.

[GUIDANCE] CARE’s Framework for Partnering in Humanitarian Action and Localising Aid