7.1 Basic site establishment

  • A suitable site should be identified to accommodate working and living areas.
  • When the site is identified, written approval for use of the site should be sought from local authorities to avoid any allegations of ‘unauthorised occupation’.
  • As soon as the approval for occupation is obtained, the area should be fenced off to separate the working and living areas.
  • For security reasons, the living quarters should not be located near the main entrance.
  • Double security fencing is essential, with a single entrance and a guard post at the gate.
  • Where there are insufficient adequate buildings, tents may be needed for office and accommodation, at least for an initial period. A ‘tent kit’ should be provided. See Annex 18.29.
  • An adequate number of tents, showers, toilets, etc. should be installed with consideration given to boarding, recreational and laundry facilities.