8.5 Tracking vehicle movement

It is essential to track vehicle movement on a daily basis to ensure CARE staff safety and security, and to ensure that vehicles are not being misused. A Vehicle Availability Board should be established (see Annex 18.44 and Annex 18.45) and tracked as follows:

  • All staff driving a CARE vehicle must fill out the Vehicle Movement Register kept with the security guard or in the administrative office.
  • The security guard on duty should post the provided information on the Vehicle Movement Board to monitor departure and arrival times.
  • The vehicle log book should also be filled out by the driver for point-to-point travel.
  • The vehicle log book should be countersigned by the passenger for each trip as verification.
  • The security guard should immediately report to the transport coordinator if a vehicle is not returned by the specified time.
  • As CARE discourages night driving, staff should properly plan their work/travel to ensure they return back to the office on or before the end of the specified working or daylight hours.

All vehicles should be fitted with appropriate telecommunications equipment to ensure the safety of staff and operations, and permit communication with vehicles (see the chapter on Telecommunications and IT). CARE operations should also consider installing GPS tracking devices in vehicles to enhance safety and security.