1.3 Role of logistics personnel in an emergency team

Many people may be involved in logistics and supply chain operations in an emergency response team. The role of the logistics team is to give operational support to programmes, with close adherence to internal and donor protocols and procedures. This can include:

  • Procurement and supply chain management: responsible for procurement, transport, customs, warehousing, field distribution and commodity tracking management
  • Asset and equipment management: management and maintenance, financial planning and needs forecasting, and design and implementation of equipment management procedures
  • Security and communication: security plan design and management, communications equipment installation and procedures when a dedicated Security person is not in place.

Annex 9.1 Job description-Logistician

Types of logistics positions Other logistics support positions
Logistics Coordinator
Capital Logistics Officer, Supply Logistics Officer
Field Base Logistics Officer
Field Manager/Coordinator
Logistics/Administration Officer
Programme Logistics Officer
Logistics and supply assistants
Storekeepers, warehouse workers
Fleet managers, drivers
Mechanics, mechanics assistant
Security guards / watchmen
Radio operators