3.4.2 Staff house accommodation

For longer-staying staff, the administration unit should establish staff houses rather than using hotels. This allows incoming staff to be housed immediately and is usually a much more cost-effective arrangement than hotels. However, it also requires greater attention from the administration unit to supply and manage the staff house adequately.

To establish a staff house, the Administration unit should:

  • select appropriate rental houses considering the location, security and conditions
  • negotiate lease agreements with landlords-ideally, fully furnished (a sample lease agreement is provided at Annex 18.4 Sample House Rental Agreement)
  • arrange for furniture, equipment and supplies. This should preferably be included in the lease agreement to avoid the need for procurement. A list of requirements is at Annex 18.5 Staff house furniture requirements
  • arrange support staff or services including cleaning, cooking and security guards
  • allocate staff to housing. Pay special consideration to gender and diversity issues when assigning a new staff member to shared housing. Wherever possible, maintain separate quarters for men and women.