4.4 Physical cash limits

Physical cash limits are established to protect CARE’s and individuals’ accountability, and must be implemented according to the size of the emergency operation, security conditions, availability/unavailability of banking facilities, availability of donor funds, and complexity of donor accounting and reporting requirements. The following are the recommended cash limits. Any exceptions to these limits must be approved in writing by the CARE Country Director or designated manager. Amounts vary depending on the type of emergency the Country Office is experiencing along with additional approval as needed

Description Maximum USD/Equivalent amount
Cash floats-Maximum outstanding balance for staff members USD5,000
Cash-Maximum amount allowed to be hand-carried by CARE staff  USD20,000
Petty cash-Maximum amount allowed to be held as a petty cash float USD5,000
Cash-Normal maximum for storage and kept in a safe in secure location 2 x local payroll costs
Cash-Maximum amount to be transferred between sub-offices USD20,000

Disbursement procedures and limitations on the use of these funds are discussed in section 5 Cash disbursement control procedures . In addition, note that these limits represent the maximum amounts and may be lowered but not increased. The actual limits used should be designated in terms of local currency by a person with sufficient authority, and take into account the purchasing power of foreign currencies in the local environment. All changes in the limits must be properly documented and made available for future audit reviews.