6.3 Power supply systems

For details on electrical systems and power supplies, see Annex 20.11 Power supply considerations.


  • Conduct an assessment of the electrical system and the available power supply.
  • All users need to check for proper connections of all power plugs and sockets. Loose power connections will quickly damage a computer, and the hard disk drive is often the first thing to fail.
  • Always share the load between power outlets. Do not have all devices connected to one power outlet in case of overloading and potential fire risks.
  • If the power supply is not reliable, have automatic voltage regulators installed to ‘smooth out’ the power.
  • Ensure that each desktop PC has a UPS
  • Consult with a qualified electrician to ensure the power supply and electrical systems are able to adequately meet the needs of the emergency response staff. Remember that with more staff, the needs will have changed.
  • Use earthing to protect people and equipment wherever possible.