4.1 Equipment requirements for the emergency response

Depending on the size of the emergency operation, additional equipment will be required to support the response. Some critical equipment will be required immediately and should be prioritised by the procurement department to ensure it can be purchased immediately (such as provisions for teams deploying to the emergency zone, telecommunications equipment required for team safety and security, and other work equipment required for the response to proceed). Administration should organise the necessary supplies and the conditions in the area of operation. Some examples of critical equipment include:

  • computers (desktop and laptop), printer, UPS and additional battery packs
  • telecommunications equipment
  • tables, desks and chairs
  • cash box/safe
  • water, filter and storage containers
  • generator and fuel
  • safety and security equipment
  • accommodation requirements
  • food and kitchen equipment and supplies
  • various office equipment and supplies (as per suggested list at Annex 18.7).