1.2.3 Functions of key procurement staff

The procurement unit should include a Procurement Manager and Procurement Officers. The number of Procurement Officers should be appropriate to the scale of the response (refer to section 1.2.1 ). The key duties are as follows:

 Procurement Manager

  • Ensure preparedness measures for procurement are implemented before an emergency.
  • Make recommendations to the CD/SMT on emergency procedures and thresholds (preferably pre-established during the EPP process).
  • Activate emergency procedures and thresholds pre-established during the EPP process.
  • Manage day-to-day operations of the Emergency Procurement Unit.
  • Coordinate activities with emergency staff (programme, logistics, administration and finance)
  • Ensure donor compliance.
  • Provide training to new staff.
  • Ensure that all procurement policies and procedures are followed.
  • Review/approve all requests for quotations.
  • Review all Summary of Bid Analysis.
  • Liaise with logistics, clearing/forwarding agents and vendors.
  • Coordinate with HR to hire additional staff, if necessary.
  • Ensure proper orientation and training are provided to newly hired personnel.
  • Provide ongoing verbal and written updates to management and other emergency team members.

 Procurement Officers

  • Undertake market survey of emergency items as identified by the programme.
  • Determine the source of supplies-local or overseas markets.
  • Ensure what the donor restrictions and details specification for goods/services from programme.
  • Check with CARE USA Procurement to advise on master contracts already available.
  • Arrange for pre-supply agreements with local/global vendors/manufacturers.
  • Check with CARE International or the Emergency and Humanitarian Assistance Team (EHAT) of CARE Atlanta, on the availability of pre-positioned stocks from the Supply Chain Consortium warehouses-such as the types and quantities that may be available.
  • Prepare necessary bid documents for publication/distribution to prospective vendors.
  • Undertake vendor screening/reviews (new, temporary).
  • Scrutinise vendors for donor compliance, using EPLS, Bridger World Tracker, etc.
  • Prepare all Summary of Bid Analyses.
  • Finalise contracts with vendors and service providers.
  • Ensure all procurement steps are documented and filed.

Annex 12.2 Job Description Procurement Manager