1. Cash and Voucher Assistance

The CARE toolbox provides a set of common standards and actions for quality and gender sensitive Cash and Voucher Assistance (CVA).

The toolbox is based on the best available tools across CARE members and if not available, from the CALP Programme Quality Toolbox. This toolbox is limited to tools only. If you need guidances please refer to the CARE Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) and sectoral tip sheets (CVA tip sheet here).

The standards and actions define ‘what’ needs to happen for quality and gender sensitive CVA. These are supported by a set of ready to use tools and templates, i.e. ‘how’ to achieve quality and gender sensitive CVA. The toolbox is targeting program and HR, finance, logistics and supply teams as well as CARE partners. The toolbox is applicable for both cash grants and vouchers, across context and outcomes (both sectoral and multi sectoral). Where they exist, sector specific tools have been included.

The headings found on this page represent the stages of the programme cycle. Within each section, you will find the operational standards, key actions and the relevant tools that exist within CARE or elsewhere. If available, translations into French, Arabic and Spanish for each tool are included as separate hyperlinks.

The standards outlined below apply to the overall stage of the programme cycle.

Terminology and naming conventions


The standards outlined below apply to the Preparedness stage of the programme cycle.

Programmatic Preparedness

Organisational Preparedness

Needs Assessment

Market Assessment

Market Analysis

Gender Analysis

Partner Capacity Analysis

Assessment and Selection of Financial Service Providers

Once preliminary assessments and analyses (Section II above) are complete, CARE staff should adhere to the following process in designing cash transfer programs:

  1. Determine appropriateness of CVA;
  2. Choose CVA modality;
  3. Set grant amounts and delivery frequency and choose payment mechanism.

CVA Appropriateness and Feasibility Analysis

CVA Modality

Grant Amount Frequency and Payment

Once the details of program design are set, program implementation includes:

  1. Contracting payment agent;
  2. Targeting beneficiaries;
  3. Setting up beneficiary registration and identification systems;
  4. Distributing cash and vouchers;
  5. Coordinating with others.

Contract with Payment Agent or Traders if using vouchers


Beneficiary Registration and Data Protection

Communication and accountability

Cash and Voucher Distribution

End of Implementation

Selecting and developing project indicators

Impact, Outcome, and Process Monitoring

Market monitoring