9. Receipt and dispatch

Receipt and dispatch of goods should be handled by the logistics unit. For more information, refer to Chapter 1 Logistics. The procurement unit will often be asked to take responsibility for the receipt and dispatch of some goods. In this event, consult the guidelines at Chapter 1 Logistics, and ensure the following steps are taken:

  • As far as possible, ensure the person receiving the goods is not the person who procured the goods.
  • Check the goods to ensure quality and that they conform to the specifications ordered (including type, brand and model, quality and quantity).
  • Document the receipt of goods in a Goods receiving note (see section 10.2)
  • Any shortages, damages or losses should be properly noted on the supplier’s waybill and the Goods receiving note, and placed on the procurement file.
  • Coordinate with the programme and logistics units to arrange transport of goods to the required destination.