1.2 Role of the Administration Manager and staff

The administration unit should be headed by an Administration Manager who will usually report to either the ACD Programme Support or the Emergency Team Leader. The key functions of the Administration Manager in an emergency are to:

  • manage overall administration unit and staff in close coordination with other support units
  • ensure effective administrative support to emergency teams including travel, logistics, office and equipment emergency staff
  • establish systems for daily administration, filing, receipt and dispatch of mail and secretarial needs of the emergency response
  • establish an effective standardised filing system that can provide easy access to information and proper documentation of all mission correspondence
  • select an office building/residential accommodation and secure lease/rental agreement
  • ensure office premises, accommodation and the compound are managed and maintained
  • work closely with other emergency team members to assess the needs and oversee the installation of office equipment, supplies, utilities (stationery, filing systems, photocopier, furniture, water, electricity, etc.)
  • ensure equipment and systems are managed and maintained
  • ensure appropriate levels of controls and accountability are in place for use of property and supplies including vehicles and fuel
  • work closely with the Security Officer to ensure appropriate steps to safeguard office premises and residential property (guards, locks, lighting, alarms, fire equipment)
  • work closely with the Telecommunications Officer to organise the installation of office communications/information management facilities and systems
  • establish effective vehicle management systems that allow safe and effective use of vehicles for the emergency response
  • assist in government liaison including registration.

In addition to the Administration Manager, there are a number of administrative support positions required in an emergency. The exact size of the administration team will depend on the scale of the emergency, but should be sufficient to cover the functions described in section 1.1. See also Annex 18.1 Terms of Reference Administration Manager, and Annex 18.2 Job summaries-Administration support.