9. Additional guidelines for non-presence operations


  • Obtain assistance from the Temporary Presence Coordinator or new Lead Member.
  • Check the legal status of CARE’s operations in the country and any impact on contracts.

In an emergency operation where there is not an existing CARE presence (CO), the lack of existing CO-level policies, systems and procedures to ensure appropriate contract management can be problematic. In such situations, CARE International Members (either with Temporary Presence responsibilities or as project partners) may need to provide additional support to the field office and assist with roles normally undertaken by a CO, e.g. ongoing contract administration, reporting and document retention. In these cases, often the Lead Member, instead of a formal CO, will sign IPIAs.

One potentially critical issue is the legal status of CARE’s operations where no prior agreement with the host government exists. This may affect issues such as tax exemption, the ability to sign contracts in-country and other legal issues.