3.2 Ways to save money

If your idea of training or learning is a five day training course in a hotel, then you might be put off by cost. In some cases, you will need precisely that to get the result you need. In others, other options might work.

– Provide short training sessions for staff at the start of the day, so that people can attend them before starting the rest of their work.

– Bring in a trainer to work with several groups in your office, but stagger the timing so that you can accommodate each group in an office meeting room or similar.

– Lead the training yourself, using evidence-based training methods. You could ask a colleague, too. This may be the best use of your time. It is not always possible, though. Whether it is effective will depend on your training design and facilitation skills.

– Consider online facilitated training courses for highly dispersed groups (field offices, or regional/global training). This needs some extra planning and a specific approach – contact the CEG Capacity Building Coordinator for advice.

– Experiment with conference calls or webinars on important topics to you. In many locations where CARE works, internet connections wouldn’t be good enough to make this work. In lots of others, it would be fine. This is good if there are announcements or changes in policy that need to be communicated to big groups of people. You could also let colleagues in different locations know about expected standards using this approach.