15. Reports

The manager of each distribution site must prepare one Distribution Site Report every month for each project number documenting both recipient and stock details. The reports must include the following.

  • For each individual distribution:
    • date of distribution
    • planned number of recipients eligible to receive goods or commodities (from approved distribution plan) and the actual number of individuals receiving goods or commodities
    • total amount of goods or commodities authorised to be distributed (from approved dispatch authorisation) and the actual amount distributed
    • approved individual ration size and the actual ration size distributed
    • any divergence from the planned amounts and the reasons for such divergence
  • For physical stock:
    • total quantities of goods and commodities received during the month
    • total quantities of goods and commodities issued from the on-site store (if applicable)
    • physical inventory remaining in the store (if applicable) at the end of the month
    • losses, including the disposition of unfit food.

Monthly Distribution Site Reports must not be based on estimates. Inventory ledgers, approved recipient lists, original receipt sheets, and copies of all waybills must be kept on file as the source documents for preparing the monthly reports.

Reports must be submitted to the Programme Manager and Finance Inventory Accountant within thirty (30) days after the close of each month. Failure to submit reports on a regular, timely basis could lead to termination of a programme.

Reconciliation consists of a counting and monitoring operation aimed at retracing all the movements of flows in distribution exercises, and ensuring coherence between them.

It aims to ensure that distributed items are well used and managed, and to supply a reliable picture of the activities carried out and of the status of resources (stock level).

The process of reconciliation occurs at each level of the items supply chain, for each movement made, and ends in an overall synthesis of the movements over the period considered.

After each distribution, once the undistributed items have been returned to the main warehouse:

  • each head of warehouse establishes a Supply Report (quantity delivered/quantity returned)
  • each distribution site supervisor establishes the Distribution by Site Report
  • the data contained in the two reports are compared to ensure that they concur and to identify any eventual inconsistency.

Once this work has been accomplished by site, the head of distribution produces the Distribution Report, which is then compared to the Stock Report, produced by the head of logistics, to ensure that the data are consistent.

The head of the programme then verifies and validates the two reports. No new distribution should be undertaken until the verification and reports have been made.