3.2.2 Roles

The core financial structure should provide for the following:

  • Approval-The person who reviews a transaction for accuracy, validity, appropriateness and proper authorisation. The approver determines if a transaction should continue. For some types of transactions, there may be more than one approver.
  • Authorisation-The person responsible for authorising a transaction, such as purchase requisitions, purchase order, journal voucher, payroll and payroll adjustments. Special attention must be given to ensure that the correct accounting information (including references to donor budget line item number) and documentation is provided.
  • Cashier-The person who receives cash or cheque payments on behalf of CARE from employees and/or other external parties.
  • Data entry-The person responsible for entering a transaction into the Financial Information System.
  • Ledger reconciliation-The person who reviews and reconciles the general ledger every month to identify errors or discrepancies, and either resolves them or brings them to the attention of supervisors.
  • Financial reporting-The person responsible for ensuring quality and completeness of financial data that is submitted to the office/location where consolidation takes place.