10. Collaboration with other agencies

  • Establish any UN presence involved with telecommunications and/or IT coordination. The lead UN agency for radio systems is typically WFP. UNICEF is the lead agency for IT systems. Identify what systems are potentially available and where, as these would assist CARE International in the emergency. Find out about any cluster/group meetings that CARE may be involved in to join in sharing resources.
  • Identify other UN agencies and their contact people who may also be involved with telecommunications and IT, for example, OCHA and UNJLC.

Identify other international organisations working in the emergency that may be in a position to share resources with CARE. Contact agencies/NGOs such as TSF (Télécoms Sans Frontières) and NetHope. Many agencies are setting up communications during an emergency and may be in a position to assist in some form. Internet cafés are one example.