4.6 Transfer of non-expendable inventory items

Where properties are transferred between projects, units or staff, then follow these guidelines:

  • All equipment transfer must have the written approval of the appropriate senior manager.
  • All items identified for transfer must be clearly marked with the appropriate inventory code number.
  • Equipment for short-term use by staff members should be released on the submission of an authorised Equipment Request and Authorisation Form. See sample in Annex 18.19.
  • Maintain an Equipment Issue Register, which would include changes in users. See sample in Annex 18.20.
  • It is mandatory for staff members to report in writing to the administrator any damage/loss/exchange of the equipment assigned to them.
  • Upon departure of any staff member from the organisation, the Equipment Issue Register should be reconciled with a physical verification of items returned by the staff member.
  • Permanent transfer of non expendable inventory items require an Equipment Transfer Form (Annex 18.12) and a waybill to be completed, and two copies of both documents should accompany the items that are being reassigned.
  • If an inventory item is being transferred permanently between projects or units, it is mandatory to obtain the written authorisation of the Finance Controller, ACD or Country Director and to strictly follow donor requirements.
  • Note the receipt of the item in the Central Property Register ‘remarks’ column.
  • Staff members must report in writing any damage/loss/exchange of the equipment assigned to them.