3.3 Office space and equipment for incoming staff

Emergencies often result in large numbers of new staff. It is the responsibility of the Administration unit to coordinate the allocation of office space and equipment for incoming staff. This should be coordinated with the IT Officer. Each incoming emergency staff member (both international and national) should be allocated:

  • a work space including desk, chair and stationery
  • computer and printer access (some international staff may bring their own laptops, but where this is not the case, the CO will need to provide a computer)
  • internet access
  • access to telephone, including mobile phone where considered appropriate for the position or security requirement

All equipment provided must be recorded in a register and signed for by the staff member to enable tracking of equipment and return on completion of the assignment. The Administration unit should also provide staff with a briefing on how to request additional equipment or supplies.

If inadequate office space and equipment is available for emergency staff within existing office capacity, the Administration unit will be responsible for establishing new or additional offices (see section 6). Requisitions for new equipment should be submitted via the procurement unit (see Procurement).