6.11 Warehouse staffing

An employee must be in charge of the warehouse and storage management. For a small volume of activity, this function can be managed by another logistics function. Above a given volume in stock or frequency of deliveries, a storekeeper has to be recruited to take care only of the warehouse management.

The main responsibilities and tasks are to:

  • ensure a correct physical and administrative stock management
  • manage the team of loaders
  • check the safety of the warehouse and goods.

The storekeeper is responsible for implementing all necessary measures related to the maintenance of the quality of stored food items. If a problem cannot be solved at the storekeeper’s level, the logistician has to be informed. The storekeeper is responsible for the items stored. Any discrepancy with the stock book should be justified, otherwise disciplinary sanctions may be applied.

Annex 15.17 Storekeeper job description

Loaders are under the responsibility of the storekeeper. They have to load, move and unload goods. They also undertake minor repair and repacking of damaged bags. The number of persons will depend on the volume and on the storage facilities. Loaders can be permanent employees, daily workers or a team paid per ton or unit carried depending on the frequency of activities. Generally, you should hire a team of loaders to cover regular needs and extra loaders on a daily basis (or for a specific task) to meet additional workloads.