16.4 Distribution process monitoring

The purpose of monitoring the actual distribution is to observe the process, to verify recipients are actually receiving planned entitlements, and to identify problems from the perspectives of both recipients and distribution staff.

All problems identified by monitors should be investigated as soon as possible. If informants are providing information, all measures must be taken to ensure that their information is accurate. Steps must also be taken to protect and reward them.

Specific distribution process monitoring activities include the following:

  • Before distribution begins:
    • compare the quantities of items actually received at the distribution site (per offloading tally sheets) to the quantities on the corresponding waybill(s)
    • sample the goods or commodities for quality
    • conduct a sample weight of commodity container
    • interview the person responsible for receipt of goods or commodities concerning any irregularities in items received
    • verify accuracy of scoops and scales (if applicable)
    • verify banners/posters, etc. stating entitlements are present and appropriate for recipients
    • verify existence of drinking water, sanitation and first aid facilities for recipients.
  • For FFW distributions:
    • verify muster rolls have been approved
    • reconcile muster rolls with the master participant list
    • inspect attendance sheets for overall reasonableness of quantity of work performed
    • verify attendance sheets contain signatures or fingerprints of all workers
    • verify that per person commodity amounts to distributed are within the limits set for different labour outputs. Report and investigate any deviations from the limits.
  • During distribution:
    • observe security and crowd control
    • observe performance of local authorities, community representative, community group leaders, etc. participating in distribution management
    • observe performance of tally clerks; scoopers and/or distributors; and receipt clerks. Note incidences of non-compliance with distribution procedures
    • re-verify accuracy of scoops and scales (if applicable)
    • randomly count goods or weigh commodities received by recipients as they exit the distribution area
    • verify functioning of the Help Desk.
  • Upon completion of the distribution:
    • collect and tally any tokens or coupons used (if applicable)
    • reconcile tally sheet totals to receipt sheet/muster roll totals
    • note any differences between planned number of recipients and actual attendance
    • note the names and ration card/identification number of all recipients on the receipt sheet/muster roll who did not appear. Add the names to lists for follow-up during post-distribution monitoring to determine the reason(s) for failure to appear
    • reconcile total quantities distributed with any remaining stock at the end of the distribution
    • draft a thorough written report (see Annex 19.18 Distribution process monitoring report format). Ensure that two witnesses who attended the distribution sign the report.