3. Why do we need Feedback and Complaints Mechanisms?

If operated effectively, a feedback and accountability mechanism (FAM) supports CARE and its partners to meet the organization’s goals, values and commitments by ensuring that:

  • Initial steps are taken towards redressing power imbalances and we are accountable to those we work with and for – by providing opportunities for participants (of all ages, genders and abilities) and partners to participate in and influence decision-making.
  • Our interventions are relevant and appropriate to participants’ needs and aspirations – by identifying changing needs and inappropriate activities and taking appropriate action.
  • Our interventions are implemented in a way which respects communities and protects their well-being and safety – by identifying activities or behavior which are causing harm and taking appropriate action.
  • The integrity of our interventions is upheld –– by identifying situations in which assistance is being diverted for personal or political gain and taking appropriate action.
  • Gender equality and women’s voice are supported – by identifying what is working and not working for women, men, boys and girls and providing opportunities for marginalized community members to voice their opinions and feed into decision-making.
  • Trust with community members is built and maintained – facilitating implementation and creating a solid relationship with the community upon which to intervene at a deeper level in the future.
  • Actual and potential cases of sexual harassment, exploitation abuse are identified and addressed – acting as an early warning system and allowing us to respond and prevent further sexual misconduct or other sensitive issues