6. CARE’s policy commitments

CARE has identified food and nutrition security as one of the four priority sectors (along with water and sanitation, sexual reproductive health, and shelter) under the CARE International emergency strategy. The strategy commits CARE to building expertise and capacity in food security, so to be recognised as a global leader in emergency food and nutrition security.
Much of what has been labelled as food security crises are in fact acute manifestations of chronic underlying processes. CARE recognises that responses to the food crises need to be part of a broader strategy that addresses both the acute manifestations and the underlying problems to reduce the likelihood of ongoing food insecurity. The emergency food security strategy is therefore only one component of a broader CI food security strategy, which is again a component of the CARE International Program Strategy.

The Emergency Food Security Strategy is being reviewed to align it with the recently approved program strategy (Annex XX – CI Program Strategy). The strategy includes an overview of the emergency food security sector and CARE’s current capacity as well as the rational for chosen focus areas. The objectives and activities are outlined briefly below but further details are available on  CAREs emergency food security wiki: http://emergency.care2share.wikispaces.net/food+security

Comments and suggestions on the strategy – particularly from people who are implementing emergency food security interventions – are always welcomed. Inputs can be provided via the emergency food security wiki or directly to CARE USA at emergencyfoodsecurity@careinternational.org

Background information commissioned as part of the strategy development process is available at:

Annex 23.7     Emergency food security interventions: A state of the art review 
Annex 23.21  Capacity Assessment of Emergency Food Security 
Annex 23.22  Recommendations toward an Emergency Food Security Strategy.

See also icarenews.care.org/foodsecurity/ (CARE USA-Food security).

CARE has a range of policies and strategies that are relevant to emergency food security analysis and response. Some of these are complete and others are under development. They are:

Annex 23.23  CI Emergency Strengthening Strategy 
Annex 23.24  CI Cash Based Interventions guideline
Annex 23.25  Revised White Paper on Food Aid Policy.