8.4 Vehicle use

The Administration unit must put in place an effective system for vehicle use, which allows operational activities to be completed efficiently. The exact system will depend on the needs and size of the operation. In larger operations, it is appropriate for specific cars to be allocated to projects or units, with another pool of cars maintained by administration for general use. The Administration unit manages the use of pooled cars.

Vehicle use should be requested in writing using Annex 11.40 Vehicle Request Form, and submitted to the transport coordinator in the Administration unit who will allocate vehicles. Where vehicles are requested for personal use or movement outside of area, the request must be approved by the Team Leader, using Annex 18.41 Vehicle Movement Authorisation Form. Drivers must have prior authorisation to drive CARE vehicles (Annex 18.42).

All vehicle use must be recorded in a log sheet using Annex 18.43.

Vehicle use must be consistent with CO policy on vehicle use where it exists. General guidelines that should be applied are:

  • Vehicles should be used only to conduct official business during working hours.
  • Official use is defined as the transportation of CARE personnel, CARE counterparts, project participants or goods to undertake legitimate CARE activities.
  • Staff members who use a CARE vehicle are responsible to ensure that it is for official purposes only.
  • Only persons authorised by the Country Director or his/her designate can drive CARE vehicles. See Annex 18.42 for Sample Authorisation to Drive CARE Vehicles.
  • Any employee who uses or allows a vehicle to be used for unauthorised, illegal and/or illegitimate activities is subject to disciplinary action.
  • Any movement outside the area of operation must be approved in writing by the Country Director or his/her designate (for example, Emergency Team Leader) before undertaking such use.
  • Staff may request personal use of vehicles out of hours or on weekends. This must be authorised by the Team Leader.