5.9 Disbursements through cash facilitators

In locations where CARE, for any reason, is not authorised to open a bank account or where authorised banking institutions do not exist, cash facilitation is an alternative and preferred method to staff hand-carrying cash or keeping large amounts of cash at the office. The procedure to disburse funds through selected cash facilitators (see Annex 17.6 Cash Facilitator Selection, Annex 17.5 Cash Facilitation Procedure, and Annex 17.4 Cash Facilitation Agreement) is as follows:

  • Follow general cash disbursement procedures (see section 5 ).
  • Duly approved Disbursement Voucher(s) must be grouped by supplier/payee and a Cash Facilitator Pay Order Form (Annex 17.7) filled with the required payment instructions, by payee, and including all required approvals.
  • Give the white copy (original) of the Pay Order Form to the payee to hand out to the cash facilitator upon receipt of cash.
  • The light blue copy is the payee copy. Initially, it is held at the originating CARE office and given to the payee, as evidence of payment, when the cash facilitator returns the white copy together with a Request for Reimbursement (Annex 17.8).
  • The yellow copy is advance information given to the cash facilitator so that they can make arrangements for payment of cash to the payee, and is especially important where the payment(s) involves large amounts of cash.
  • The light green copy is a file copy and must not be removed from the book. It will be used to ensure that Pay Orders have been issued sequentially and that all Pay Order numbers are accounted for.

As indicated, the Request for Reimbursement must be presented by the cash facilitator attaching all white copies, signed received by the payee, as supporting documentation. The transaction fees charged by the cash facilitator must be in accordance to clause 3.1 of the Cash Facilitation Agreement (Annex 17.4).