4.8 Cash floats

Staff members taking cash floats for purchases are limited to a maximum of USD5,000. This limit applies to the total outstanding balance that a staff member can have before additional cash advances are issued. For example, if a staff member presents an acquittal or settlement for USD3,500 and leaves a balance of USD1,500 outstanding, it means that the maximum amount to be issued, should they require another advance, is USD3,500.

In the event that cash has been passed on to another staff member, then this can be accounted for by evidence of ‘transfer of responsibility’, i.e. a written, dated record signed by the staff member that receives the transfer. The maximum amount procedure explained earlier will then apply to the person receiving the transfer. Finance staff in situ must receive a copy of the ‘transfer of responsibility’ and make the corresponding record in Annex 17.12 Cash Float Transactions Register.