7. Area selection

CARE will need to make strategic decisions about geographical focus early in the response. Selecting priority areas for the assessment mission should be made on the basis of available secondary information and in close coordination with other agencies undertaking assessments.

The humanitarian imperative comes first: where is the greatest need?

  • What areas have been reported as the worst affected or to have the greatest need?
  • What areas are normally the most vulnerable?

CARE’s capacity: where can CARE have the greatest impact?

  • Where does CARE already have capacity, including pre-established presence, partners, infrastructure and capacity at a global level.
  • Where can CARE feasibly launch new operations?
  • Where is there an obligation to the community for CARE to assist?

Coordination: where is there a lack of assistance?

  • Where are other agencies assessing or responding?
  • What areas are being neglected?