7.5 CARE compound security

The following precautionary safety and security measures should be taken:

  • Hire an adequate number of night guards as required.
  • Have the guards registered at the local police station.
  • Use the services of a professional security agency if possible.
  • Install secure barbed wire double fencing around the compound.
  • Arrange for security lighting (preferably with halogen lamps) at the entrance, vehicle parking area, storage areas and other strategic locations.
  • Provide firefighting equipment at various easily accessible locations and ensure that these are well maintained.
  • Equip each residential tent with emergency lamps or solar lanterns. Do not provide candles, matches or cigarette lighters in tents.
  • Provide locks where needed, and ensure that all doors and tent openings are locked at night.
  • Maintain a well-stocked first aid kit in an easily accessible place (the General Administrative Assistant should be responsible for keeping the first aid kit adequately stocked and replenished).

See also the chapter on Safety and security.