2. Key Definitions

Feedback is a positive or negative statement, a concern or a suggestion on a non-sensitive issue about an intervention provided by CARE or its partners or the behavior of CARE or partner staff.

A complaint is a specific grievance from anyone who has been negatively affected by an organisation’s action or who believes that an organisation has failed to meet a stated commitment. Complaints can be about either non-sensitive issues (such as dissatisfaction with activities) or sensitive issues (such as fraud, corruption, abusive behavior or sexual exploitation).

Feedback and complaints can be shared by any member of the communities where we work, such as project participants, other crisis-affected populations, local traditional or administrative authorities, suppliers and even CARE and partner staff. Crucially, all community members should be able to access the FCM, regardless of age, gender and ability, including the most marginalized, and the FCM should be designed and managed in a way that does not cause harm.