2.5 What are the methods that make training fast ?

The most important way to make training fast is to make sure that it has the result you need – so that time isn’t wasted. One and a half hours of training that doesn’t do the job is much “slower” than three hours that does what it needs to. See the section on effective training.

Some good practices that can speed up the time spent on training:

– Remove presentation of information in the training session. Get people to read it in advance.

– Make information available for people to refer to as they complete a simulated task or practice their skills – but don’t require them to listen to it being presented. Get them working.

– Create handouts that summarize information that they need to use on the job. This means that they don’t have to spend time committing it to memory.

– Give people a (short?) chance to practice first, then come to filling gaps in the information. Then repeat the practice. This helps people learn and remember. It also grounds the information you share, and the questions they ask, in a concrete experience. You are more likely to focus on their real gaps than on abstract questions, or on explaining something that is clear when actually done.

– Focus only on what people NEED to know. Keep “should know” or “good to know” items for another time, or another way of learning (like coaching on the job).