6. Concept papers

Initial project concept papers should be prepared and circulated via ERWG as quickly as possible. This allows CARE International Members to approach donors for potential interest. Generic concept papers, which can be used with a range of donors, are particularly useful for fundraisers to pitch CARE’s programme to donors, both private and institutional.

The first document shared should be the initial appeal and draft strategy document, followed by a basic project concept paper for the overall programme or project-specific concept papers (see the Chapter on Programme Strategy , and the Chapter on Funds mobilisation).

Some donors will require a concept paper to be submitted before inviting NGOs to submit a full proposal. In this case, there will usually be specific guidelines to follow, and advice from the CARE Member or donor should be sought about requirements. A format for a generic concept paper and sample concept papers are available at:

Annex 8.6 Concept Paper Format
Annex 8.7 Sample Concept Papers and Generic Proposals