4. Coordinating the proposal development process

The proposal development process requires good coordination within the CO team, between the CO and the supporting CARE International Member, and with the donor. This is important to ensure time is not wasted, the correct documents are submitted and urgent deadlines are not missed. This coordination should be led by the Proposal Writer.

For internal CO coordination, ensure:

  • The CO has the correct proposal and budget format.
  • The CO is aware of what is activities are eligible for the funding application including needs for co-funding.
  • The submission process and deadline are known.
  • The GO/NOGO process is respected
  • Ensure the design of the proposal has been agreed with the ACD Programme and is line with the overall response strategy.
  • The CO is clear about government requirements for project submission and implementation.
  • All team members are clear about what is required from them and when it is required, including
    • assessment and field team members-assessment data and project design inputs
    • logistics-inputs about how the logistics of the project will be managed, what is required in terms of logistics equipment, staff and costs (for example, warehousing, transport)
    • human resources-information on staffing costs (national and expatriate) including salary and benefits and positions
    • procurement-provide advice on the costs of items to be procured
    • administration-information about administrative support requirements to include in the budget
    • finance-budget and financial tracking requirements (exchange rate, inflation risk, …).

For coordination with the CARE International Member, ensure the following:

  • Key contact people in the CO and the CARE International Member are clear about liaison, including contact details and out-of-office hours arrangements
  • CO and the CARE Member agree on who will complete what parts of the proposal. Often, a CARE Member will be able to help the CO with parts of the proposal preparation during an emergency but will still require key inputs from the CO.
  • Agree on the review and submission process, including timetable and deadlines.

For coordination with the donor, ensure the following:

  • There is agreement with the relevant CI Member about who in the CO and in the CI Member is responsible for communicating with the donor and at what levels.
  • Agree at the CO level who the primary point of contact for the donor is.
  • Meetings with donors at the field level are arranged, and CARE is appropriately represented and able to present a good concept or proposal. Many donors will expect CARE senior staff to meet with their field representative to discuss or present the proposal.
  • Confirm instructions and guidance from the donor about the proposal and budget requirements, activities eligible for consideration, available funding amounts and deadlines for submission.

Additional guidelines for managing the proposal submission process are available in the Chapter on Donor contract management.