3. What to do when the emergency hits

2.2 Emergency Alert Form

Who does what? 

The following actions are done by a team at CO level. Make sure you decide how to share these tasks. Don't overload one person! Things only the CD can do are noted below. The CD, ACD's and the emergency coordinator work together to manage the response and lead the emergency response team to make sure everything gets done.


  • Make sure all CARE staff are safe.
  • Start using the instructions in the emergency management protocols
  • Send an emergency alert (if not already sent). CEG will then contact you.
  • Call an ERT meeting to make plans and decide who will do what.
  • Set up an operations room for the ERT.
  • Refer to your EPP.
  • Start coordinating with disaster-affected communities, local authorities, the UN, humanitarian clusters and NGOs.
  • Make sure the Country Directortalks to their CO line manager (for USA/MERMU this is the Regional Director); the Lead Member Emergency Director; CEG; the Regional Emergency Coordinator.
  • Keep finding out as much as you can about the emergency and any responses.
  • Find your Gender in Brief and share with CEG as soon as possible.

See Annex 2.2 Emergency alert form and Protocol B3 Emergency Alerts.