4.1 Telecommunications and IT minimum standards

During an emergency, almost any means of communications will be useful. Even old equipment that is still operational can be very useful. An old radio handset may be reprogrammed to work with a new repeater system. An old, slow computer will prove to be useful when nothing else is available. However, when buying new equipment, it is important to purchase equipment that will be useful not only for the emergency, but also for the CO programmes after the emergency has subsided. A full guide to telecommunications in CARE COs was developed by CARE Norway, Concept, standards and procedures for CARE International emergency telecommunications. This comprehensive guide to all forms of telecommunications is attached as Annex 20.3 Draft telecommunications minimum standards.

Recommended IT equipment standards for procurement  can be obtained through your Lead Member. Due to the rapid pace of change of technology, these may need to be nuanced, and should generally be taken as a guide.