5.5 Cash float disbursements: CARE staff

During the start-up phase of an emergency response operation, CARE staff members require cash floats to cover immediate expenses such as fuel, office rental, communications, lodging, per diem, stationery and other costs. It is understood that when CARE has completed administrative set-up, and if the conditions on the ground permit, the use of cash floats should be discouraged and kept to a minimum to avoid unnecessary risks to staff and CARE’s assets.

CARE staff receiving cash floats may make use of them only for the purposes for which they were authorised, and will be held personally responsible and financially liable for the proper management and safekeeping of the advances. In addition, they must be in a position at all times to account for such advances and should submit weekly accounts, using the Cash Float Transactions Register (Annex 17.12) form, to ensure that the expenditures incurred are reported to donors in a timely manner. The maximum amount of these cash floats is USD5,000, and are replenished when at least 50 per cent of the float has been expensed and properly accounted for.