2. Critical steps in proposal writing


  • Ensure there is sufficient, experienced and dedicated proposal writing capacity in place to produce a large quantity of good quality proposals within very short time frames.
  • Understand that the proposal is an important project design, management and accountability tool, as well as a fundraising tool.
  • Coordinate effectively with other emergency team members, including assessment teams and support units to secure inputs to the proposal and budget.
  • Coordinate with the supporting CARE Member to seek guidance on donor requirements and the proposal submission processes.
  • Make efficient and effective use of the support available from the CARE Member
  • Together with the relevant CARE Member, manage donor relations carefully to make sure proposal requirements are clear and to present CARE’s project positively.
  • Align all proposals with the programme strategy to ensure funding is directed to highest priorities.
  • Circulate brief, general concept papers as quickly as possible to help with fundraising.
  • Use the correct donor formats for proposals (as well as needed annexes) and follow the instructions closely.
  • Follow good design principles to ensure the proposal represents an appropriate and quality intervention that is relevant to the humanitarian needs.
  • Clearly identify the needs for co-funding.
  • Ensure the proposal is well presented and demonstrates CARE’s capacity.
  • Prepare budgets, check for accuracy and ensure all necessary programme (implementation, monitoring and evaluation), support and administrative costs are included.
  • Ensure coherence between the different documents (budget, proposals and annexes).
  • Submit proposals on time  in coordination with the supporting CARE Member. Also, in accordance with both the Lead Member and supporting member, review and approve policies.
  • Track proposals using the project pipeline matrix so that information about their status and the overall pipeline is available.
  • Ensure that the Proposal Writer documents and files all critical information, and provides a handover to the implementation team