6.3.3 Request for quotations or sealed bids

  • The requirement for quotes or sealed bids will be determined by the bidding thresholds outlined in CAREs CI Harmonization Procurement Policy. These limits should be increased automatically for the emergency period to help with more rapid procurement (refer to section 3). In the absence of an existing CO procurement policy, refer to the Lead Member for recommended thresholds.
  • The procurement unit should prepare and issue a request for quotation (RFQ) for the goods and services required.
  • RFQs and vendor responses should be tracked using Annex 12.6 Tracking Sheet for Sealed Bids.
  • The procurement unit should coordinate the analysis of bids and selection of vendors.
  • Processes for the review of bids (for example bid committees) should be streamlined for the period of the emergency. Follow CAREs CI Harmonization Procurement Policy.