9. Meeting management


  • Ensure key meetings are attended.
  • Ensure information from meetings is shared with other CO staff.

Emergency coordination meetings are time consuming, but can generate important information and assist interagency coordination (refer to Chapter 40.5 Humanitarian coordination). Meetings will involve many members of the emergency team and should be attended by the most relevant staff for each meeting.

All staff attending meetings should be sure to circulate meeting notes to the IMO and/or other key staff. The IMO can assist with meeting management by:

  • Obtaining times, dates and locations of key meetings, usually available from the UN offices (OCHA or the HIC);
  • Posting the meeting schedule in a prominent location;
  • Identifying, with the emergency coordinator, critical meetings and key staff responsible for attending.

If appropriate technical or programme staff cannot attend a meeting, the IMO may be asked to attend on behalf of the office. Before attending any meeting, the IMO should be briefed by the emergency coordinator as to whether any representation is required, or whether the meeting is a listening opportunity only.