4.5 Communities of practice

In communities of practice, people with similar job profiles, responsibilities or interests come together to share experiences, challenges and lessons. It can be more structured – with common assignments, reading lists, or reflection and application tasks. It can be less structured as primarily a forum for thoughts, ideas etc.


Can be organized through social media or messager app groups (e.g. WhatsApp or Skype)

Helps share new information quickly

Gives depth and background


Creates support and community for learners – a safe space to exchange ideas



Likely to stop functioning after some time without a moderator or facilitator to keep it together

Needs significant organizational effort and time commitment – from organizers and participants

May need participants to stick to a meeting schedule

Unlikely to learn specific skills or pieces of information

What a learner gets out of it will vary based on the group members.  Some groups may be very helpful or have a lot of ideas – others won’t

Not a fast process