7.5 Contracts for vehicle rentals

(Refer also to Chapter 4 Administration)

  • In most countries, there are reputable agencies that rent vehicles. Check with the programme and administration units on the type of vehicles required-whether it is a sedan for city driving or a four-wheel drive for off-road conditions.
  • Find out the number of vehicles required in each category. The earlier you determine the quantities and types, the chances are better that you get the types and quantities required. Normally in emergencies, there is a scramble for vehicles and you may end up with having to rent a type of vehicle that you really do not need, or that the vehicle is not in a very good condition.
  • Undertake an assessment of the local infrastructure-how many agencies exist and what types of vehicles are currently available. Obtain quotes and the terms and conditions from a number of agencies, as these could differ significantly.
  • Prepare a Summary of Bid Analysis and make recommendations to CO management for a decision.
  • It is advisable to rent vehicles on short-term contracts, with CARE having the first option to renew the contract on the same terms and conditions for a similar period.

Vehicle rental companies may offer their own driver as part of the contract negotiation. This is not recommended. Preferably, CARE should recruit drivers directly through normal recruitment processes. This will ensure that:

  • the drivers selected are appropriately skilled and their abilities are assessed through testing
  • the drivers selected are very familiar with the areas of operation
  • they are screened (through the Bridger World Tracker software)
  • the drivers will become employees of CARE, and are bound by CARE’s HR policies and procedures, including safety and security requirements.